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Tangieland strain is definitely a rare hybrid where Indica – 30% and Sativa – 70%. Crockett Family Farms created this cannabis after crossing the infamous Candyland and Tangie buds.

Taste and Terpenes
Smokers report that this marijuana tastes insanely good. The scent is a bouquet of citrus and herbs. The taste is more expressive, more like grapefruit and spicy herbs. Pinene is present in this strain.

Potency and Main Effects of Tangieland
The high begins with a surge of energy. Many consumers note that they also found it much easier to cope with creative tasks. Tangieland herb increases motivation and fights stress. It sharpens the mind, improves thinking. It also relaxes the body without sedation. Medicine often uses this marijuana to relieve ailments such as depression and fatigue. THC levels, which range from 22 to 27%, also make Tangieland cannabis strain able to reduce pain, relieve muscle cramps, and dull migraines. It is best to take this strain in the morning or afternoon, as its invigorating effects will interfere with sleep. People with low tolerance should also be careful.

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